Thursday, September 24, 2009



"THE DOCTORS" TV show is a one-hour, daytime talk show delivering up-to-the-minute information from a panel of four practicing medical professionals in an entertaining format. They discuss a wide range of topics from how to decrease your risk of heart disease to child safety!

I will be posting the show topics and if you are interested in going on the show, they will add a link from their website to!

This could be a fun way for us to come together and help spread the word about the website. They will also send us free tickets to attend the taping of some shows.

Spread the word to your friends - just have them become FANS on the or send an email to us by clicking "CONTACT US" on the homepage of HELPNEIGHBORS.COM.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to my brother-in-law for donating clothes to Marisol she really appreciated the clothes for her 6 year old son! She has 4 other boys so please continue to help her family!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's going on this week!

Yvonne Hall the owner of a local website (a website for local moms and caregivers can find many kid related services and activities in LA) - She is spreading the word in LA about! She even posted it on her facebook page! Thank you Yvonne:)

My girlfriend that has a profile on was donated really great clothes for her twin boys!

Sabrina, Savannah, Summer and Kaitlyn passed out flyers around our neighborhood! The kids had a great time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help updates

We have new members on HELPNEIGHBORS.COM - Thanks to all that are helping to spread the word.

Linda contacted one of my friends from work and offered her clothes for her son. I find out that she is in need herself and lost her job two years ago. This is why the site was created! People helping people. Linda could use help and she has created a profile on the site. If you have items that you think could benefit her family - please help!