Saturday, July 31, 2010

Items needed for Aug. 15th BACK TO SCHOOL

Helpneighbors Event: August 15th - 11:00-1PM
Where: Westminster, CA
Purpose: Donation Drive & SWAP Event

I have asked the families registered on to provide a list of items they need. If you have any of these items that are in good condition (or have friends) - please let me know!

If you can't attend the Event - We can arrange a drop off time or I can connect you directly with the family. You can contact me at

This List will be updated as additional info is provided - please check back:)

We are in need of ANY school supplies as long as they are still in good condition.

ADDED: 8/5:

Girls: 3T
Boys: 6 -12 months
Diapers: size 5 & size 2/3
Toys for both

most in need of:
Girls: size 8, shoe size 13-1, school supplies
Girl: 1 y/o: clothes, diapers size 4 and pull ups, shoe size 2-3
Also need:
Girls: size 4
boy size: 3
boy size: 2

BOYS SIZE 12 jeans/pants
Boys 12 shirts

Boys size 8 - all clothes
Boys size 6 - all clothes
Boys size 4 - all
Mens Medium clothes
Mens Large clothes

Boys size 3T
shoe size boys 6.5-7
Size 5 diapers

Boys clothes 6-7
boy shoes 13
1st grade school supplies

5-6 diapers (boys)
diaper wipes
Juniors jeans size 5/6 long
women size shoes 4.5-5
Womens size shoes 10
girls size 12
Boys 2-3T clothes
boys shoe size 6
boys size 8
boys shoes 2.5
Soccer cleats: girls 4.5-5
boys 2.5-3
* would really appreciate any help with school supplies

Girls size 8
boys size 12

size 16 girls
size 8 boys
XL mens shirts
40 waist paints

1 year old boy
outside swing
small swimming pool

Girls size 4-5 (6 if they run small)
girls shoes: 11-12
size 5 panties
Boxed and Canned food

Girls size 6-8
Girls shoes: 11.5
Girls shoes: 13
small computer desk
Anything for school or learning items
Adult womens: size 18-20
Mens dress shirts XL
Mensdress pants size 40

Added: 8/3

Girls - size 2T
Boys: size 10

Boys: 5/6 pants, 6/7 shirts
Mens jeant/pants 30/30, Large Mens shirts

REMEMBER: We will also be having a SWAP event hosted by www.HPSwap.COM
Bring an item and take an item "SWAP" - for full details on the swap, please contact

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SWAP & Donation Drive - August 15th

Join us for a SWAP & Donation Drive

When: August 15Th, 11:00 AM
Where: Westminster

Time to help our neighbors before the new school year. The donation drive will focus on helping families get ready to go back to school. Help provide clothes, back packs, school supplies, etc. Ask your family and friends for items they no longer need.

Families registered on will provide a list of needed items for their family. They will be invited to the event to pick up the donated items. The items needed will be posted on this blog by August 1st.

We will also be having a SWAP event hosted by
Bring items you no longer need and pick something else. Swap clothes, accessories, household items and decor, books, games, CD's, DVD's, small electronics.... Anything clean and in good condition. Left over items will be donated to families in need.

The Event is free - invite your friends and family!
For more information please email me at

Also find us at:
Join the cause: