Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adopt a Family for The Holidays - 2011

Adopt a family 2011

Will update list weekly

updated 12/13

Thank you!!!!!

Kelly Family

Location: Huntington Beach

single mom (husband passed away a couple years ago) leaving two sons

Jaden 8 y/o boy: Loves Legos, needs size small boxers 6/8, Wii Games
Kyland: 17 y/o boy: needs a shaving set and mens small size boxers, needs a bike - ok if used


Location: Placentia, Ca

Single mom with two boys with Autism

Boys aged 3 and 4

Burchett Family

Location: San Pedro

Single dad with 5 children

All of the children need and want clothes
jewels (5 y/o girl) size 5/6
Noble (8) Likes action figures and baseball
Samantha (10 y/o girl) size 10 or girls large
Echo (15 y/o girl) size 1 juniors
Lauren (17 y/o girl) size 3 juniors

Edward : 15 y/o Foster boy : EDWARD was adopted -

Thank you:)

Eimer Family:
Location: Fountain Valley

They are a really nice family with 5 children. The mother lost her job almost two years ago and the father is in construction so he hasn't had much work. I

Here is some info on each child and what they like:

Hailey 10~ Loves anything Justin Bieber. Anything for her age group she is into everything pre teen. She is a size 10 in clothing/PJ. She is a size 3 in shoes. Shed love a pair of those warm fuzzy boots

Ariyah 5~ Loves animals, Disney's princesses & mermaid. She is a size 5t in clothing/PJ's. She is a size 8 in shoes, shed also really love a pair of those warm fuzzy boots.

Dredyn 4~ He LOVES anything from the Disney cars movie. He likes toy story as well. He is a size 5t in clothing/PJ's. He is a size 9 in shoes.

Kyden 3~ He LOVES anything from the Disney cars movie. He likes toy story as well. He is a size 4t in clothing/PJ's. He is a size 7 in shoes.

Keyra 2~ She loves baby dolls and accessories to put the babies into. She is a size 2t in clothing/ PJ's. She is a size 5 in shoes. Shed also love a pair of those warm fuzzy boots.

* All the kids could use a pair of slippers. They've also loved when they see the pillow pets in the stores.

Location: Huntington Beach
Single mom with 4 children

Ashley: 9 y/o girl: likes: Play kitchen food, dishes, pretend pots & pans, baby alive accessories, clothing size 12-14 or XL girls.

Hailey: 12 y/o girl: likes: twilight stuff, jewelry for teens, crafts, purse, Toms shoes size 8 women’s. Clothing: junior size small or junior size 1-3

Elijah – 3 y/o boy: Likes: Mario Bros, cars, balls, Mario Bros, cars, balls, monster trucks, Batman, Spiderman, any boys toys. Clothing size: 4T

Iseah – 8 y/o boy: Likes: Toys: Mario Bros, Cars, Balls, monster truck, Batman, Spiderman, and boys toys

Walrath Family
Location: Hermosa Beach
Single mom to a 8 y/o boy

Anything for Christmas for her 8 y/o boy

Likes wii games


Lexxie: 4 years old Size 5t
· Needs: Jacket for winter, leggings, socks, long sleeved shirts. shoes (size 11),
· Likes: Disney princess (Ariel is her favorite), board games, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Monster High dolls, dress up costumes

Maxx: 18 months old Size 2t
· Needs; Diapers size 4,jacket for winter, jeans, socks, shoes (size 6)
· Likes: Trucks, cars, trains, dinosaurs, puzzles

· Due 12/29/11 (csection will be before xmas)
· Size: Newborn, 0-3 months, 3 months
· Needs: all kinds of clothes, we have very minimal stuff, size 1 diapers, vibrator seat, portable swing
**We desperately need a double stroller for Maxx and Roxxie, he is a runner and it is not safe to have him walk yet in public places.

Dilworth Family
Young couple, mother lost her job right after the baby was born
Location: Anaheim

Giovanni: age 2 1/2 likes music, reading, cars, mario,lion king,Mickey mouse

Penelope 12 months likes light up stuff, musical, babys, things she can put in her mouth

Johnny 17 yrs likes music,art drawing,hes into his hair, clothes, cologne, weird teenage stuff lol

Hillyer FAMILY
Single mother with 4 boys
Location: Anaheim

ETHAN 11: clothing size 10/12 shoe size 4
ELY 9: clothing size 9/10 shoe size 3
ERIC 7: clothing size 7/8 shoe size 3
ANGEL 1: size 12/18 months, shoe size 1

Martinez Family
Stuggling family
Location: Santa Ana

Isaiah N Martinez: Age, 2 years 1/2

He likes all kind of balls, music toys, colors and coloring books.
He needs clothes for a 3T, sweaters, pants, Pj, shoes size 6-7.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange County Families that need help

BACK to School Drive:

I have a few local families (orange County) that really need your help! If you have any of the sizes below please contact me at

Will continue to update so please check back

Girls size 12
Girls size 14
Girls Junior medium tops
Girls Junior 8 Tall paints
Boys size 8
Boys 3-4T
Diapers size 6 or pull ups
Girls shoes size 5 & 7
Boys shoes 5 youth
boys shoes 10 toddler
Women's: 16 or L/XL, size 11 shoe
All: school supplies, back packs, gift cards


Girl Size 10 or large in children's, shoe size 3
Girl: size 5t, shoe size 10
Boy: size 4T, shoe size 10
Boy: size 3T shoe size 8
Girl: size 2T, shoe size 6
diapers size 4 & 6
PJ's for all

Girl: size 5t all clothes, jacks etc
Boys: size 2T
size 4/5 diapers
NEW Baby Girl: due late December: clothes 0-6 months, newborn diapers, wipes
double stroller

Boys: size 10 tops & paints
any toys

Juniors Size 1 & 3
Junior size medium tops