Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adopt A Family Program

Melissa: Garden Grove
Jay 16 y/o boy
Alex: 15 y/o boy
Willie: 8 y/o boy size 10/12
Troy 7 y/o boy size 10/12
Kizzie: Anaheim
11 y/o girl: brats, icarly, and coloring
10 y/o girl: Tinkerbell and fairies
4 y/o boy: loves thomas the train or movies

Munguia Family - Huntington Beach
Hailey: 11 y/o girl: loves to sing/dance, take pictures. clothes size 12
Ashley: 9 y/o girl: baby alive clothes/food/diapers. Playfood. clothes size 12
Kendra: 13 y/o girl: books, music. size 7 juniors
Iseah: 6 y/o boy - likes transformers, spiderman, Mario bros, ds games, hot wheesl
Elijah: 2 y/o boy - likes ride on toys, spiderman, batman, toy story

Venessa - Huntington Beach
Jaden: 7 y/o boy - size 6/7 shirts or small in boys, pants 5-6 - likes legos, star wars, knight
Kyland: 16 y/o boy - size medium/large mens shirts and pants 32x30: likes dickies pants, mens socks

Marisol - Huntington Beach
Jarid: 4 y/o boy
Hector: 6 y/o boy
Herman 8 y/o boy
Victor: 14 y/o boy
Gersin: 17 y/o boy

Lisa: Westminster
Lukas 12 y/o boy: likes books: Garfield, inkdeath, inkheart, beatles music, gorillaz (CD), monty python's flying circus (DVD). Legos: starwars, atlantis, indiana jones and toy story
clothes: size 13 regular youth

Gio: 18 month boy - size 2T
new baby girl due in a couple weeks

Yadira: Santa Ana
Andrew: 13 y/o boy (shoe size 7.5, pants 32)
Steven: 9 y/o boy (shoe size 3.5, pants 14-16)
Damian: 5 y/o boy (shoe size 11, pants size 5T)

Mariza: Santa Ana
18 month boy: size 2T

Alderman Family - Dana Point
16 y/o girl: clothes adult jeans size 9/10, shoe size 5
13 y/o boy: size 16 paints, shirts/jackets size 16-18, mens shoes size 10

Ruth: Mission Viejo
Angelique: 18 y/o female with 6 month baby girl
Theresa: 16 y/o girl
Leeza: 14 y/o girl
Michael: 11 y/o boy
Tiffany: 9 y/o girl
Elijah: 8 y/o boy
Daniel: 6 y/o boy
Isabella: 3 y/o girl
Paul: 2 y/o boy

Brad & Wendy: Santa Ana
Emma: 5 y/o girl (5T)
Meagan: 6 y/o girl (6T)
Mya: 10 y/o girl: tops girls large, pants size 12-14
Ryan: 11 y/o boy: boys L or XL, pants size 14
Glen: 17 y/o boy: mens med, pants 29/30
also need school uniforms

Rayanne: Anaheim
Eric: 6 y/o boy
Ely: 10 y/o boy
Newborn baby boy

Chloe: La Habra
diapers size 3 or 4, baby wipes, pushcart for learning, 18 month clothes

Vicki: Fullerton
Elizabeth 14 y/o girl
Garett: 12 y/o boy
Nicole: 6 y/o girl

Linda: Los angeles
Anthony: 10 y/o boy: legos, starwars, clothes, books
Christian: 15 y/o boy: Legos, clothes
Monique: 16 y/o girl: clothes, books, music

Irma: Montclair
Diapers size 4, baby wipes, size 2T clothes and up, shoes size 4, toys, food, cleaning supplies, toaster oven

Bryant Family: Canyon Country
Robert 17 y/o boy: size 32x34 pants, large shirts
Matthew: 14 y/o boy: size 32x34 paints, large shirts
Abby 12 y/o girl: size 12/14 paints and 14 shirts
Emylie: 12 y/o girl: size 12 pants and 12 shirts
Jacob: 9 y/o boy: size 12
Camryn: 1 y/o girl: size 18 mon pants and 2T shirts
used xbox, unicycle, wood box with lock, skinny jeans, pogo stick, Sorry Spin game, Rubix slide or a Fushigi
Diane & Bob - Huntington Beach
Jaylynn: 3 y/o girl
Size 5-6 clothing, size 12-13 shoes. She needs clothes, warm PJ's, and she would love a pretend kitchen. Also any type of pantry food is appreciated
Jay: 16 y/o boy
Alex: 15 y/o boy
Willie: 8 y/o boy - size med 10/12
Troy: 7 y/o boy size med 10/12