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Adopt a Family for the Holidays


Adopt a Family for the Holidays!

                                    updated 11/29/2012
**** Please note:  We will be adding victims of Hurricane Sandy to the spotlight family tab, which is located on the home page of

Teach your children the gift of giving this year! allows you to make giving a more personal experience.

For the last 3 years we have been able to help so many families provide gifts for their children.  So many people are unable to afford food let alone gifts for their children.
The best part about this program is that you can meet the family that you want to help.  It makes the gift of giving so much more personal and fulfilling when you get to see the face of the person you are helping. 
I will be posting the families that have asked for Assistance for the Holidays. Please feel free to contact them directly by email or you can contact me with questions.
updated 11/28/2012 - will be updated daily

Location:  Fullerton

Nicole:  8  y/o girl: needs clothes - daughter has some learning disabilities and sensory processing problems and can only wear certain materials.  It would be helpful to have Target or Walmart gift card so she can pick out clothes.  She loves books, and music, itunes gift card, cheap kids guitar.

Elizabeth - 16 y/o girl:   itunes gift card or any gift card (charlotte russe or forever 21 or Target) even in a small amount.  she is a woman's size small and is a dancer.

Garett: 14 y/o boy:  gift cards especially itunes or a skateboard shop.  he is a size men's small but does not like plaid or striped clothing.  He is a wrestler and baseball player. 


Location: Buena Park

would like food for Christmas, Lego's for the 3 boys, Lego people needed,, toys, clothes

Location: Long Beach

Sarah:  18 y/o girl:  likes gift cards for food like McDonald's, Burger King and Carl's.  Likes toy cars and hot wheels, fisher price doll house accessories, Cliffords First Christmas book, Santa Buddies DVD.  

Victoria:  20 y/o girl:  Also likes food gift cards and clothes

Eimer Family:
location:  hisperia

~11yrs old- Size 10 slim clothes, shoes size 3....she loves anything for her age group, loves accessories, would like new boots Ugg type not brand though LOL...Likes Justin Bieber, music, dancing. She could use & would love some warm clothes & pj's, slippers,- It gets cold up here!!! She Likes books. She's very easy, loves everything.

~6yrs old- Size 5-6 clothes, shoe size 11....she loves anything to do with animals. She loves Disney characters. Anything sparkly & girlie. Loves dolls/babies. She loves to draw & color!!! She would like some warm boots. Warm Pj's, slippers- clothes...anything. She is happy with anything :)

~3yrs old- size 3t-4t clothes, shoe size 7.....She loves babies/dolls, Disney princess items. Loves to color. Anything for her age group. She could use winter clothing, new warm boots, pjs, slippers.

~5yrs old- Size 6 in clothes. Size 11 in shoes. He loves anything Boys Disney characters, spiderman, Loves to draw color, is getting more into reading books and learning books. Loves to build legos. Cars. Could use warm clothing, pjs, robe, slippers. Would like waterproof rubber rain boots those easy slip on ones.

~4yrs old- Size 5t in clothes. Size 10 in shoes. He loves anything to do with Boys Disney, sports or tools. Loves to draw and build legos or play with toy tools. Loves cars. He could use warm clothes, pj's, robes, slippers. He would like waterproof rubber rain boots those easy slip on ones.

  Edward:  16 y/o boy
Edward is currently in foster care in Orange, CA
size:  men's medium shirts and hoodies, size 33/33 in jeans/pants
size 10.5 shoe
needs and wants a music player
loves:  music, fishing
needs clothes, shoes etc.
***  He said he really wants Walmart Gift cards to buy fishing supplies
Summer:  14 year old girl
Currently in foster care in Orange, CA
Size:  medium junior/women's, size 5 skinny jeans
shoe size 7
would like fake uggs
loves:  music, clothes, make-up
Would love Target gift card or itunes cards

Location: Huntington Beach

Cazyn:  6 y/o boy:  marvel heroes, dvds hoodie size 7/8

Krytnni:  14 y/o girl:  slippers size 9, anything blue and a pokemon black game 4 her DS, Junior size 3/5

CJ:  17 y/o boy:  loves sports (mavericks, redsox, ravens), loves men shower products, clothing XXLarge and shoe size 12
Vegas (will be in Orange County on December 24th)
Giovanni age 3yrs
clothing and sock size 4T
shoe size 9

Penelope age 2
clothing size 2T
shoe size 7

Reese Family
Location:  Anaheim

9 year old girl:  6 slim paints, 7/8 shirts, 13.5 shoes
Likes Lollaloopsy , webkinz, pillow pets
3 year old:  4T pants, shirts, 8.5-9 shoes
likes Lollaloopsy, barbies and baby dolls

14 y/o boy:  1he needs clothes:  shirt size men's small and  shoes are 11 1/2 men's he likes to skatebord,  his pants are hard cause he is skinny and tall so gift cards for clothing stores would be great
Rhodes Family
location:  Orange, CA
Darrin:  age 11 months size 18-24 months shoes size 6-8winter clothes and baby blankets
cups and he loves Elmo

Maryanne:  age 2 size 4t shoe size 8 winter clothes needed she like puppy's n baby dolls n Chocha trains Baby blankets and sheets

Jacksyn:  age 4 Boy size 5t-6t shoes size 12 need s socks underwear and winter clothes he loves Lego batman an d action figures and transformers

Jaclynn:  age 10 size 12/14 size 4 1/2 shoe need jacket winter clothing and underwear loves hello kitty an scar booking 

Location: Orange, CA

Boy:  Isaiah Martinez: 4 y/o
needs tennis shoes size 9, pants size 4T, backpack, crayons, lunch box, water bottle, pencil case, abc flash cards

Boy:  Josiah Martinez:  4 months old
needs:  councer seat, diapers size 3, diaper bag, diaper pail, monitor, Rear facing car seat, sing and or baby jumper.

Location:  Westminster

Lukas: 15 y/o boy:
likes legos, gift cards for Barnes and noble or walmart or target gift certificate for clothes. 

LOCATION:  Garden Grove

 Boys clothes 10/12, shoes 6, Legos halo, football loves rams,vans
Boys clothes  8,shoes 1 1/2,angry birds, Lego,vans
Girls clothes 4,shoes 8,dolls, doll stroller, kitchen,play food,grocery cart,books,Barbies
Grocery ,target gift card,pull-ups girls 2/3,goodnites small,

Munguia Family - Huntington Beach
Hailey: 13 y/o girl: clothes jrs size skinny jeans size 7, tops medium size, shoes size 9, make up, hair straightener, hair curler, jewelry, earrings, purse, nail polish. Forever 21 or wetseal gift card

Ashley: 11 y/o girl: clothes size 16, no jeans, loves skirts, shoes size 9, gift card to justice, earrings, journey girl dolls and accessories,

Iseah: 8 year old boy: clothes size 10, shoes size 6, ds or wii games, hulk , Lego's, angry birds, soccer, monster trucks

Elijah: 4 y/o boy: clothes size 5, shoes size 11, marvel super heroes, hot wheels, monster trucks.
socks for everyone, winter sweaters.

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